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Northern Communities

A proposal containing alternative designs for this project was submitted in Aug 2018. The project arose from an immediate need to replace several homes which contain dangerous mold that were recently built and under a year old. This had initiated a larger assessment of community needs; it is estimated that the current demand is 600 homes spread over 17 communities. A team is evaluating our proposal to determine fit, financing feasibility and delivery during winter (the only time the community is accessible by Ice-highway). This  team is now looking to guide a decision on an initial pilot build for this winter.


As a great community builder, we had consulted the community to understand their needs. Our proposal had addressed the following needs:

  • Cost effective design choices that improve durability and comfort but lower the capital cost of the product;

  • Adherence to the National Building Code of Canada 2010 Div. B. Section 3.8, Universal Accessibility - Barrier-Free Design;

  • Scalable family solution offering housing for 2-6+ adults;

  • High quality, traditional look and feel with less use of glass and superior insulation (R-60);

  • User friendly smart technology;

  • Heating systems designed to handle extreme variation of local weather conditions;

  • A solution that eliminates mold challenges through proper air flow and humidity control system;

  • Ultra high Efficiency in energy consumption minimizing hydro costs by 80%+;

  • Use of standard materials known to trades and access to materials for easy maintainability by locals;

  • Quality construction deployable under adverse environmental conditions and in short construction seasons.

  • Deliverable to the remotest of communities.

Success in this pilot project will initiate construction to deliver on the extended project and consideration for other community projects.

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